Enterprises transnational operation and the wave of economic globalization contributed to a change of supply chain and logistics management, logistics management is more and more by the masses of enterprise ascend to the strategic height to management and execution, according to The Times change, the division of labor and the pattern of China's logistics industry is also practical and urgent in the rhythm of the reconstruction and development.

SPH56 is the use of independent research and development of modern information technology, logistics truck goods matching and cargo tracking, electronic receipt, payment, service evaluation, the cloud logistics service platform based on Internet thinking, delivery and freight driver group is dedicated to provide you with the cloud interaction management services platform. Platform will be scattered social resources into visual capacity, high quality management, from the capital relations "should take" the cloud of the team, to achieve online to offline capacity more efficiently elasticity utilization of resources, is also the first time will freight industry leading role from tiny cab drivers to mobile commerce and mobile social dazzling stage, without management, must the driver teacher will create a wonderful future.

Since then, SPH56 has transformed the traditional logistics service from one kilogram per cubic meter to an internet-based mobile interactive service, forging ahead with the original intention: to make freight business easier!